About Our Community

About Our Community

The spirited heart of historic Fairfield.

Since 1912, Fairfield United Church has been the neighbourhood’s space to deepen relationships, celebrate belonging and create meaning.  We believe a community of all ages, family styles and genders living together is sacred and authentic. By weaving ancient and modern Christian rhythms into our lives, we experience what matters every day and are empowered to make a difference in the world.

Fairfield United Church is so much more than a place. We like to say “it’s about the people, not the building.” The people of Fairfield United are diverse, loving and supportive. Please explore what some of our members value most about our community and how it inspires and supports them.

We are affiliated with and supported by The United Church of Canada, the British Columbia Conference,  now known as Pacific Mountain Region.

Community partnerships and relationships

Throughout the year, we collaborate with our neighbours to offer opportunities to join in the work of God already happening in our community.

Fairfield United at the 2017 Pride Parade

Some projects are rooted in social justice, such as the Sock Drive and Toss (a sock drive in March to raise awareness about poverty and homelessness in Victoria),  while other practices are about being in relationship with the community, such as attendance at the Moss Street Market and our participation in Victoria’s annual Pride Parade.

Through these initiatives, we are part of a growing movement across North America exploring the potential for change in the unique facets of every community.

To learn more about our current and developing community projects, please see the following pages: Partnerships and Relationships.

Our Ministry Plan

Our particular understanding of what it means to “be” church is through the following three outcomes. These outcomes guide our efforts and direct our resources: Belonging Relationship and Meaning!

We are beginning to use these words: Inclusive.  Sacred. Authentic.

Check out our Ministry Plan 2016 Update!

Our Pilgrimage

Fairfield United is on a journey to be transformed by the people, the challenges and the wisdom of our neighbourhood. We yearn to become a new way of being the spirited heart of Fairfield.

The congregation and community of Fairfield United are entering a three-year period of significant redevelopment. Everything about us will be redeveloped – the property and physical meeting space, partnerships with the greater Fairfield community, congregational governance, revenue streams, and staffing model.

Everything will be redeveloped except our mission and vision:
‘To be the spirited heart of historic Fairfield’.

You can read more about the upcoming property development here.

Sunday Services

On Sunday mornings, we gather and worship as a community for a deeper exploration of faith and life. All ages, all family styles, all genders, and all experiences are welcome at Fairfield United.

Service starts at 10:00 am every Sunday.

Click here to learn more.

Defining & Envisioning our success

Wonder how we will know when we are successful?  So are we and the Council, the Living the Plan and council are doing some thinking about this…. Click here to learn more – Living the Plan.