Our Plan

Our Plan

From Survival to Abundant Life

A Glimpse into where the community of Fairfield United Church is headed

The Vision – a sacred, authentic and inclusive Christian community where spiritual lives are deepened so that individuals and the congregation of Fairfield United will engage the world and their lives with strength, faith, hope and joy.


We are called to this by God:

a) to serve people – in this time of rapid disruption a sacred community of Christian faith can support individuals to live with strength, faith, hope and joy and to provide a platform for action in and with the broader community;

b) to develop and sustain a (United) Church presence in the Fairfield community.

The community of Fairfield United Church is growing, spiritually and as a community. We are at the stage where we need to become more intentional about our direction, roles and responsibilities.

During the summer, your Council and leadership have been working to identify key areas, activities and outcomes which are strategic to our health and growth.

The identified areas include:

  • Spiritual Deepening
  • Decision-making and administration
  • Facilities
  • Community Relationships
  • Congregational Growth
  • Staffing
  • Finances and Stewardship
  • Communication

A Glimpse

Within each area, strategic goals and particular outcomes were identified. The list was substantial and varied. Here is a glimpse.

  • To establish a vibrant, flexible, accessible, respectful culture within the Council
  • To foster interactive communication between the Council and the congregation
  • To approve the 2019 budget by December 2018
  • To move congregational systems towards STABILITY by formulating clear processes and lines of accountability. To develop further communication systems that operate with transparency and predictability
  • To revise and update contracts
  • To develop “Letters of Understanding” with many of the community organizations with which we are in partnership, e.g. Fairfield-Gonzales Community Organization; Moss St. Market; Greater Victoria Acting Together (GVAT); Schools, Our Place Society, etc.
  • To partner in hosting four major celebrations that would involve the Fairfield community: Blessing of the Animals; Christmas Eve; an Easter egg hunt; an event to be determined
  • To seek funding to explore further the possibilities of our initial efforts with missional work in our community such as the Women, Wine and Wisdom project
  • To establish and train a Hospitality Group that will lead us to become a more intentional and skilled welcoming community
  • To encourage spiritual deepening through relationship and partnerships that help us to define our call in the neighbourhood
  • To develop comfort with at least two specific spiritual disciplines so that matters of the spirit become deeply integrated into each dimension of congregational life, including the practices of decision-making
  • To become even more intentional about the possibilities, challenges and use of various communication platforms
  • To be strategic with financial resources and volunteer time.

God is on the loose and Fairfield United Church is on the move!

We are open to listening, learning and trying…

Stayed tuned for regular updates and opportunities for conversation about these and other initiatives during the coming year.