About Sundays at Fairfield United

About Sundays at Fairfield United

On Sunday mornings, we gather and worship as a community for a deeper exploration of faith and life. All ages, all family styles, all genders, and all experiences are welcome at Fairfield United Church.

Gatherings begin at 10:00 am every Sunday.
Our Sunday services are unique to us and focus on both ancient and modern Christian rhythms and rituals.

To get a sense of what to expect at one of our Sunday gatherings, please read below.

Coffee & Pre-Service Options  At 9:30 am, people arrive to settle in and enjoy freshly brewed coffee or tea. Some choose to sing with our musician, Peter, while others catch up with friends or our minister, Beth. Some sit quietly and take in the sanctuary. Please come in and make yourself at home.

Children  We value an integrated community and believe that no matter your age you have something valuable to contribute. All Sunday mornings are integrated with all ages beginning and ending our gatherings together. Children and youth have an opportunity to go to portable next  to the Garry Oak Room to work and play in a way that is most effective.  We have leadership to assist with a variety of age groups.

Participation  A structured service begins at 10:00 am and ends around 11:15 am. Seating is informal, unassigned and flexible, so sit where you are comfortable.

The Order of Service will be displayed on an overhead screen at the front of the sanctuary to help you follow along.  We have a ‘Fresh Sheet’ available each week, with a few details such as our scripture passage and space for you to write your own ideas, reflections and questions.

A variety of opportunities for participation are offered, but you decide what feels comfortable for you – nothing is required to prepare or commit to. Ultimately, Sunday Mornings at Fairfield United are rooted in the energy and feelings people bring to the moment.

Sunday Message  Most church gatherings include a time called “the sermon”. At Fairfield United, we have been working on a new format for this time that encompasses the whole practice of reflecting on scripture. We call it Engaging the Word.

Here’s how this time happens:

  • A participant will be asked to volunteer to read the scripture of the day (This practice is called Lectio Divina).
  • The worship leader then identifies the theme of the scripture and begins to explore possible implications for our lives.
  • The preacher then shares some initial thoughts on this theme through story, insight, questions, or reflection (This is the “sermon” part).
  • The worship leader and preacher may then engage in a short dialogue to probe further the implications for us.
  • Participants are then invited to respond with comments, questions and other reactions.
  • We continue this pattern for 10-12 minutes. The preacher concludes the Engaging the Word time with a sharing of any other ideas or thoughts that arose for them.

Find out about Upcoming Sermon Series or Listen to recent sermons from our Engaging the Word time on Sunday Mornings.

Or sometimes we have a sermon with one speaker.  We have a variety of folks who share this gift with us, go to the This Week’s Sermon page to find out who is on this week.

Communion  At Fairfield United communion is offered every Sunday morning. It is based on the ancient ritual of gathering for a family meal. This meal offers a time to bond in a social, sacred environment – it reminds us who we are, and acts as a blessing to everyone who participates.

Anyone is welcome at this meal, including those who have never before participated in communion or attended a Sunday morning at Fairfield United.

During the service, you will be invited by the worship leader to come to the front of the sanctuary to take a piece of gluten-free bread and dip it in your choice of juice or wine. This act of dipping is called intinction. Words of a blessing will be spoken as you receive communion. Your response is simply, “Amen.” You may then return to your seat. Anyone who is not able to come forward will be served communion at their seat.

Post-Service Options  Once or twice a month, we offer optional opportunities for additional socializing with our community. These include Celebration Sundays, where we enjoy cake in honour of the birthdays and anniversaries that month, and Soul in a Bowl, where we enjoy homemade soup and bread contributed by members of our faith community.

If neither of these is offered, you’re welcome to stay for Conversations and Refreshments, a casual and unstructured time where we enjoy another cup of coffee and catch up on the events of our week.

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Dress Code  Most people attend Sunday Mornings wearing casual clothes that are appropriate for the season.

Still curious but not quite ready for Sundays?

Are you new to the neighbourhood? Seeking a place to worship and be in community? Have questions about what to expect?

We want to hear from you!

Please contact our minister, Rev. Beth Walker
Email: bethoflife@fairfieldunitedchurch.com
Phone: 250-884-0484