A Table For All: Voting Reform in BC

A Table For All: Voting Reform in BC

Are you ready to vote in October’s referendum on voting reform?

A Table for All – Voting Reform in B.C. is a presentation sponsored by Fairfield United Church

To help you decide, join us on Sunday, October 14, 12 noon – 1:30 pm, at Garry Oak Room, Fairfield Gonzales Community Centre. We’ve invited Terry Dance-Bennink, vice-president of VotePRBC, the official proponent group & a member of Esquimalt United, to lead us in a mock voting exercise and speak to why voting reform is a justice issue. The United Church has endorsed proportional representation as a way to deepen our democracy – to make every vote count and ensure justice for those without power. All are welcome, just bring your questions! Visit www.voteprbc.ca for more information on the referendum.

Learning outcomes:

  • experience a mock-voting exercise using first-past-the-post vs. Pro Rep
  • understand the impact of our current voting system on the tone of political debate
  • reflect on sources of hope to counter despair/fear
  • learn why the United Church supports Pro Rep for justice
  • receive answers to questions/concerns
  • be motivated to support the Pro Rep campaign


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