Fairfield United Church has relationships with many people and organizations. And we are on the lookout for more! Depending upon their characteristics relationships vary.

Partnerships are relationships where parties, known as partners, agree to cooperate and mutually support each other to advance their mutual interests.

Fairfield United Church has many relationships and some deep, ongoing and exciting partnerships.

Here are a few of our partnerships:

Greater Victoria Acting Together (GVAT)

GVAT is a local broad-based community organizing effort bringing together groups from within civil society in Greater Victoria to tackle issues impacting our community. Fairfield United Church is in the process of joining GVAT, briefing our community and discerning which members will take active leadership roles with GVAT on our behalf.

Our Place Society – Annual Sock Drive and Toss

Over the past four years, Fairfield United Church and Our Place Society worked with students, teachers, families, and businesses in Fairfield to learn about the causes of homelessness and have fun participating in social justice activities. We’ve collected 22,000 pairs of socks in total over the past four years! Thank you to all of the schools who have participated!

What does collecting and tossing socks have to do with homelessness?

Productive, self-sustaining members of the community need a home, but they also need adequate clothing to stay warm and dry. Socks are essential clothing, but they are not easy to acquire or maintain when you lack access to laundry facilities or income to purchase them. So we ask those who have access to fresh, warm, dry socks to share them with those who do not.

This simple act of collecting socks for others increases awareness of others and the conditions in which they live. The act of tossing the socks is a fun game to inspire participation. But when you pair the collection and game with information, stories, and conversation about what it’s like to experience homelessness, we build compassion and empathy. And that leads to social justice activities that make systemic change.

Sir James Douglas (Me to We Group)

Children from grades four and five work with Mrs. Pommelet to discern the needs of our neighbours – both near and far.  Fairfield United and these children have worked with their community to collect food and socks.  Most recently, this group had a bake sale to raise funds to be shared with some of our neighbours who are in need of food.