Friendship Club

Friendship Club

Fairfield United Church Friendship Club

(Formerly the Couples Club)

The club goes back to the early sixties. We original joined the older members of the Fairfield Couples Club. At that time we were the younger group so the decision was for us to carry on as a separate group.

Over the years we have lost 19 members. For many years the Club would put flowers in the Church as a memorial to them. As the status of our members changed we decided to change the name to the Friendship Club. This would allow singles to still belong.

Going back to the start of the new Club, the men would go to the United Church, Camp Pringle, to repair the boats for the summer season. The many other activities were skiing, bowling, curling, golfing, spa day at Ove Witt’s Club, road rally on bikes. We also joined First United for their annual costume dance. We would dress up in a group theme. (i.e. Snow White & Seven Dwarfs)

Every January we have our general meeting to plan the year’s events. Members take a turn in organizing the month that they choose. It may be a guest speaker, tours, theatre, walks, mini golf, picnics, lunch/dinner.

Over this 50 years, the event that we still carried on is the Bring & Buy Auction. Money raised is given to needy families at Christmas time. Until last year we held a Progressive Dinner at Christmas time, visiting member’s homes for different courses.

Even though some members have moved to different areas we strive to keep the Club together.

Joan Crossfield

If you would like more information, please email Rev. Beth Walker ( for more info.