Women. Wisdom. Wine.

Women. Wisdom. Wine.

How did Women. Wisdom. Wine. begin?

As with many good ideas, WWW began in a coffee shop over a latté and some deep questions about how God moves and works in our community. Shelley Canitz asked, “As Christians or seekers, how can women in our community come together around issues that really matter?” We discerned that our focus would be SBNR (spiritual but not religious), Christian, the un-churched, de-churched and others. We felt that it should have Christian content and rituals that would be supportive and nurturing of our faith journey. We knew there would be good conversation, silence, laughter and tears. This is very true. We prayed we could create a safe space to encourage us not only to know each other person to person, soul to soul, neighbour to neighbour but also to listen and learn how God moves in our lives and ultimately be transformed by the experience.

We have met these preliminary goals. One participant shared, “I have never met such a diverse group of people who find themselves on a spiritual path and feel safe enough to share their learnings with these folks.” And another shared, “such rich and meaningful discussion.

We meet monthly at 7:00 pm to connect and discuss topics and themes that will enrich our lives spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

Women. Wisdom. Wine. (WWW) participants agree to:

  • confidentiality (what happens at WWW stays at WWW)
  • silence is participating (not everyone must talk)
  • each person has the opportunity to speak
  • cell phone off unless needed
  • we take turns bringing something to reflect on
  • advice is given if someone asks
  • supports are gentle of each other

If you would like more information, email Rev. Beth Walker (bethoflife@fairfieldunitedchurch.com) for more info.