Music Ministry

Music Ministry

Music at Fairfield United

At Fairfield United, we use song and music to help express our spirituality.  Although the congregation has strong roots in gospel music, we embrace an eclectic mix of lyrics, rhythms, melodies, genres and instruments that are present in both Christian tradition and modern secular culture. All our musical opportunities are approachable and invitational. You only require a desire to sing and participate; no formal training is needed. Ultimately, we strive for music that reflects real life for all ages, like the tunes you hum along with in your car!

Sunday Mornings

During our Sunday morning gatherings, we offer music that is responsive, collaborative and improvisational. We believe this approach builds and sustains an integrated community, and provides an authentic, emotional connection to the spirit for all ages.

Other Opportunities

We work to create an open, inviting and encouraging musical culture. We recognize there are many musical gifts amongst our participants, and creating space for these contributions is vital to being an integrated community. Contact Peter to discuss opportunities.

Our Music Ministry also supports Our Pilgrimage by seeking out and responding to opportunities to collaborate with our neighbours and partners in the Fairfield community. Such opportunities include:

  • Evening concerts with local musicians
  • Sunday Morning appearances by Coastline, the local, award-winning youth string ensemble

Questions about our Music Ministry? Please email Peter at