Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Children, Youth & Families Ministry

Children are a joy to our community! We value an integrated community and believe that no matter your age, you have something valuable to contribute.

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Sunday Mornings

At Fairfield United, we value the experience of many generations engaging in spiritual practice together. We believe that the dynamic exchange between people of all ages is a valuable spiritual growth practice that we take into our daily lives. All Sunday mornings are integrated.

All Sundays children and youth will experience Welcome Time, the Christ Candle tradition, and Lectio Divina with the entire congregation. From this point, they either stay for an all-inclusive, multi-generational, experience in the Sanctuary where they are invited to participate in some reflective and expressive activities, arts and crafts, and spiritual practices or they will exit the Sanctuary to explore their faith in the safe and comfortable Children and Youth Portable. In the portable, they will engage in lively discussion, connection, games, crafts and occasionally the fun and internationally acclaimed program, Godly Play.

Younger children’s (0-3 years) families can choose to keep their children with them in the Sanctuary if they wish. However, they are welcome and invited to participate in their way parallel to the older kids under dedicated supervision.

If you have questions or would like to coordinate, please contact Rose by email:

Leadership Opportunities

We encourage children to take on leadership roles with Fairfield United’s initiatives, especially with our Gatherings (such as Sunday Mornings) and with our Justice initiatives (such as the annual Sock Drive & Toss campaign). We partner with many organizations in our community and are open to your ideas and suggestions.

Youth Events

Once a month, we organize a fun event or activity for youth (ages 8+). It is a time to bond with their peers in a fun social setting. Location and activities change each month.

Family Opportunities

We organize a variety of opportunities throughout the year for families with children and youth to support the initiatives and other ministries of Fairfield United.

Please contact Rose at to inquire or discuss ideas and opportunities.