Fairfield United Church has relationships with many people and organizations. And we are on the lookout for more! Depending upon their characteristics relationships vary.

We understand a relationship to be an association or acquaintance between two or more people or organizations that may range in duration from brief to enduring and, in intensity, from deep to tentative.

Fairfield United Church has many relationships and some deep, ongoing and exciting partnerships.

Here are a few of our relationships:

Transform Homelessness Advocacy Watch (THAW)

THAW is a project of the Committee to End Homelessness Victoria. They witness, document, record, photograph and film life on the streets in Victoria.

Local organizer Kym Hines coordinated and led The Poor Persons Walk in July and August of 2018 to bring awareness of the realities of those experiencing homelessness and poverty. Participants walked from Victoria to Vancouver, following the lead of activists in the U.S. inspired by the Poor People’s Campaign, a coalition organized by Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

Below is a reflection from Kym on the work and journey of the Poor Persons Walk.

Welcome Project: Syria

This project is a community sponsorship of a refugee family from Syria.

Our church community has assisted the project in many ways, with the leadership of Tricia Sanders. The congregation has contributed financial donations collected at Christmas services and potluck lunches. Members have also reached out to provide resources and support.

Victoria Pride Society – Annual Pride Parade

The congregation of Fairfield United Church has had a presence in the parade for the past five years, marching along with other United Churches from Greater Victoria.