Eastertide 2019 – A Good Shepherd

Eastertide 2019 – A Good Shepherd

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Theme: Eastertide 2019 – Grace up on Grace
Scripture: John 10:22-30
Liturgy: Rev. Beth Walker
Sunday Message: Rev. Beth Walker

As we mark the fourth Sunday of Easter, we consider the Good Shepherd –a Shepherd who never mentions the quality of sheep, their type or holds tests for those cared for. The shepherd never basis protection, love and concern for the sheep on how they look, feel or behave-that’s never mentioned as a qualifier for belonging to the flock of the Good Shepherd. We belong and we are called by name. Saying always “you belong to me” “you belong” “you”.

1) How do you understand belonging?
2) When have felt as if you belong?


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