Eastertide 2-Resurrection with Rev. Dr. Murray Groom

Eastertide 2-Resurrection with Rev. Dr. Murray Groom

Theme: Eastertide 2 

Sunday Message: Rev. Dr. Murray Groom 

Liturgy: Beth Walker & Linda Mulhall 

Scripture: John 20:19-31

We join the disciples as they begin to discern the nature of Jesus’ resurrection. What happened? Resurrection is not reincarnation. Nor is it a resuscitation. And it’s is not some future reward for good behaviour, a “pie in the sky, by and by, when you die.” Resurrection is a quality of life we experience by faith that Jesus of Nazareth is the Anointed One of God; it has a continuity with our current life experience and it incorporates our wounds.


1) How do you understand the resurrection of the Christ?

2) What difference has resurrection made in your life?



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