Eastertide 6

Eastertide 6

Theme: Easter 2019 – Eastertide 6
Scripture: Scripture reading:  Acts 16: 6-15
Liturgy: Linda Mulhall
Sunday Message: Rev. Dr. Murray Groom

We sometimes imagine that to be truly “spiritual” we need to devote time on a daily basis to tending our own soul. Imagine our spiritual life is instead woven into the warp and weft of ordinary living? Suppose our spiritual welfare is based on the elder waiting at the bus stop or the kid stocking shelves at the grocery store or the loans officer greeting us at the bank? As Joan Osborne asks, “What if God was one of us?


1) Remember a time when you were called upon to trust someone you’d only recently met.
What determined your decision? What was present in them or between you that moved you to step into the relationship or to step away?
2) Imagine you’ve arrived in a strange and foreign city.
What do you do to get oriented to your new surroundings? Where do you go to encounter local people?
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