Epiphany – Chasing Grace

Epiphany – Chasing Grace

Date: January 5, 2020
Theme: Epiphany: Community – Attend your own inner Teacher
Scripture: Matthew 2:13-23
Children, Youth and Family: Rose
Music: Diego Barrientos
Liturgy /Sermon: Rev Beth Walker
Post-Service Option: After Thoughts

The Gospel reading this second Sunday after Christmas strikes a new tone for the season by dramatically leading us away from anticipation of Advent of new life, the revelry of the holidays and gifts of the Magi to the tenuous and hard work of living between the promises of new life possible and their fruition.  We know that moving to something new is not easy. The story of the Holy family who flee to Egypt reveals their faith in a God who is always with them.

Our Question:
1) Think of a time when you decided or it was decided for you and you began a new thing?
2) Where was God in this time of transition?


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