Cosmic Christ-For God So Loved the Cosmos

Cosmic Christ-For God So Loved the Cosmos

“Christ” is not Jesus’ last name!  In fact, the Christ Mystery is larger than the historical Jesus.  And it is not the sole property of Christians, either. However, the historical Jesus participates in this Christ Mystery.  Join us on a journey to explore who the Cosmic Christ is for us today. It’s a journey of the Heart, based on the writings of the mystics – both ancient and modern.  We will explore how the Christ Mystery was experienced by; St. Paul , Mary of Magdala, Teilhard de Chardin, Raimon Panikkar, Thomas Merton and Thomas Berry.

Preacher: Rev. Beth Walker

Scripture: Mark 8: 22-30

We come to end of our series about the Cosmic Christ.  For the last 5 weeks we have explored many encounters of Jesus who some revealed Christ. In today’s story, Jesus encounters a blind man in Bethsaida.  This story is the two-phase healing of the man. A first touch from Jesus results in blurry vision: the man sees people, but they look like trees walking around. A second application of Jesus’ hands yields clear vision.  Today we will explore that to see the Christ is a life time journey of faith



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