Loving Our Neighbour: Listening Deeply

Loving Our Neighbour: Listening Deeply

Sunday, Sept 16, 2018
Theme: Loving Our Neighbour: Listening Deeply
Scripture: Luke 19:1-10
Liturgy: Rev. Beth Walker
Sunday Message: Linda Mulhall & Beth Walker

Our scripture today is about Jesus who reaches out to Zacchaeus to sit with him for a meal and conversation.  This story invites us to ask:  “Whom we might ask to sit with – both in our congregation and beyond? Is there someone who has been left out of the conversation up till now? And what would happen if we asked them?  We might be surprised by their generosity and faith.  What we learn from today’s reading is that if we are willing to genuinely ask, and listen for the answer; willing to take a risk, our relationship with the Other is transformed.  We have the opportunity to see ourselves, Zacchaeus, and Jesus in a whole new light.


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